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What's inside?

👨‍🎨 Art Gallery 👩‍🎨

+15 artists & 65 pieces of Bitcoin art


 Pascal Boyart, Josie Bellini, phneep, Coldie, Vizique

Johnny Dollar, Bitko Yinowsky, CryptoCloaks

Alex Schaefer, Nelly Baksht, Moxarra Gonzalez, Gus Grillasca

Primal Cypher, Illa_2020, Buzz Lightning, CypherpunkNow, RYR 

and more…


🏝️Bitcoin Travel hub 🏝️

Visit others Bitcoin worlds or select a  Bitcoin avatar!

#BUIDL by the community.

Did you create a Bitcoin world or avatar and like to share it with the community?

🥳 Rat Poison Club 🥳

A Bitcoin Nightclub with free entry.

Let’s get the party started!

📽️Conference room 📽️

 Speak on stage or use the video player!

🪑 18 Seats  inside – Multiple books 📘

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Who's Bitpaint?

🔎 Bonjour, I’m a French Bitcoiner…

📺 2014 📺
“This is for criminals.”


⚰️ 2015 ⚰️
“This is still for criminals… but i want to try it ! “
Got a mail from LocalBitcoin, never confirmed my account.


😴 2016 😴

💶 2017 💶
“What the fucking hell is this Bitcorn ?”
Learning Bitcoin and English at the same time. Don’t really figure out what it’s all about… thinking about getting rich quick.


🕳️ 2018 🕳️
Still learning, starting to understand things better…
Running Bitcoin Core – First proof of key.


🌻 2019 🌻
First contributions.
Translating Bitcoin educative stuff from English to French.
Learning how to use WordPress and create this website.
Starting to paint Bitcoin related graffiti.
Put QR code on this website for donations so i can buy more paint and paint more, also wishing to pay others artist over the world to paint bitcoin stuff but it didn’t catch out that much, i’m not a star on the internet… but
Recieve more than 0.33749758 BTC from a crazy anonymous donator .Biggest “WTF” day of my life.

Paint even more.

Running BTCPayServer & Lightning for the first time.


🏗️ 2020 🏗️
Winter, then COVID…
Can’t really go outside to paint with friends…
Discovering VR at the same time and Bitcoin events, fascinated !
Thinking about the possibilities…
Learning Unity & Blender.
Building Bitpaint VR (a Bitcoin world in VRChat)

🐰To be continued.🐰



I didn’t have any artistic or IT background, neither learned English at school… my day job has nothing to do with technology but this is so fascinating so here I am learning and trying to participate.

When stuck, I’m learn stuff from the internet or ask the community, and usually… it’s working fine.

Most of my work is shared for free, enjoy.


On chain adress:


Lightning node:

Isn’t opening a channel like a tip?


Thank you for visiting!

To be continued…