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Nothing special here, just a cool campfire for Bitcoiners.


What's inside BitpaintVR?

👨‍🎨 Art Gallery 👩‍🎨

+15 artists & 65 pieces of Bitcoin art


 Pascal Boyart, Josie Bellini, phneep, Coldie, Vizique

Johnny Dollar, Bitko Yinowsky, CryptoCloaks

Alex Schaefer, Nelly Baksht, Moxarra Gonzalez, Gus Grillasca

Primal Cypher, Illa_2020, Buzz Lightning, CypherpunkNow, RYR 

and more…


🏝️Bitcoin Travel hub 🏝️

Visit others Bitcoin worlds or select a  Bitcoin avatar!

#BUIDL by the community.

Did you create a Bitcoin world or avatar and like to share it with the community?

🥳 Rat Poison Club 🥳

A Bitcoin Nightclub…

Let’s get the party started!

📽️Conference room 📽️

 Speak on stage or use the video player!

🪑 18 Seats  inside – Some books 📘



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Who's Bitpaint?

📺 2014 📺
“This is for criminals.”

⚰️ 2015 ⚰️

“This is still for criminals… but i want to try it ! “
Got a mail from LocalBitcoin, never confirmed my account.

😴 2016 😴


💶 2017 💶
“What the fucking hell is this Bitcorn ?”
Learning Bitcoin and English at the same time. Don’t really figure out what it’s all about… thinking about getting rich quick.

🕳️ 2018 🕳️
Still learning, starting to understand things better…
Running Bitcoin Core – First proof of key.

🌻 2019 🌻
Starting to understand better.
Starting to paint Bitcoin related graffiti in the real life (see on Instagram).
I had a Bitcoin QR code on this website for donations so i can buy more paint and paint more. I was also wishing to pay others artist over the world to paint bitcoin stuff but it didn’t catch out that much, i was new to Bitcoin and didn’t had that much of attention… but
Recieve more than 0.337 BTC from a crazy anonymous donator,Biggest “WTF” day of my life, now have money to paint so paint even more.

Running BTCPayServer & Lightning for the first time.


🏗️ 2020 🏗️
Winter, then COVID…
Can’t really go outside to paint with friends…
Discovering VR at the same time and Bitcoin events, fascinated !
Thinking about the possibilities…
Learning Unity & Blender.
Building Bitpaint VR (a Bitcoin world in VRChat)

Realeasing BitpaintVR -Releasing BitcoinFirecamp


🐰To be continued.🐰



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