It's bitpaint over here, I discovered bitcoin in 2017, it blew my mind in 2018. Since early 2019, I've created Bitcoin Artistic content ranging from Street Art, Graffiti, Digital Art, Websites, Canvas. Most recently I've been developing VR worlds.

Street art

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Virtual Reality

VR for Bitcoiners

3D worlds for Bitcoiners.
You don’t need a VR headset to join !

✔️ PC & Quest compatible - 100% FREE ! ✔️
 Open 24/7, install VRChat to join!

I had the pleasure to write an article about this inside Citadel21 magazine volume 5, read it for free when installing VRChat!

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Street art

Spreading bitcoin through art

Street artist since 2012 I'm now dedicating my time to bitcoin art.

With bitcoin, I have finally found a meaningful message to spread, it take form in different styles, sometimes letters, sometimes drawings. But every time it's seen by people passing by, and I hope they finally do some research about it one day. I keep receiving satoshis, so thank you so much if you are part of this, you really help me covering cost and funding the .club!

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WTF is The .club? 🤝

The idea behind the .club is to share donations that I receive with others street artists. Paint is expensive but bitcoin is a powerful way to move value around the world.
I truly believe in the artists potential, they are part of the Bitcoin marketing team and helping them funding at least the cost of paint itself would be great in my opinion!

So if you have a Bitcoin artistic project that you can paint on a public place and you'd like to be funded, contact me!

Gimme thoses sats, bitpaint!

Digital art


Bitcoin themed digital artwork, no prints available. (print your own if you wanna print)

Digital collection