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Bonjour, i’m bitpaint.

I discovered Bitcoin in 2017, it blew my mind in 2018.
I’m not a developer,but i can create Bitcoin content like:

  • Gources
  • VR worlds
  • Street Art
  • Translations
  • Websites and more…

Street art
Bitcoin street art

💼 Portfolio

Bitcoin gources
Visualization of Bitcoin devs activity made with Gource

🌱 Youtube playlist

The Bitcoin Zine
I had the pleasure to tell my story about Bitcoin & street art inside The Bitcoin Zine.

👍 The Bitcoin Zine - page 24 to 27

I’m a big fan of BTCPayServer! Learn why below.

💚 BTCPayServer Stories

My story about Bitcoin & VR!

📙 Citadel21 magazine Volume.5

21 Lessons
VR version of 21 Lessons

🕳️ Down the rabbit hole